Western Governors University individualizes and personalizes students’ progress through their programs. Each student is given the time they need and the flexibility and support to obtain mastery. It’s a combination that is very effective. Here’s an excerpt listing some of the principles for implementing competencyy based education:

“WGU’s success with students is characterized by the following principles for implementing a personalized approach based on CBE:

  • Measure learning and not time: each student is provided with the time needed to master the competencies.
  • Competencies align with employers’ expectations: students attend WGU to become prepared for a profession and the program competencies also align with the student’s personal learning goals.
  • Provide individualized support: this principle is designed to help each learner succeed.
  • No waiting to learn: once mastery of the competencies in a course has been demonstrated, the student advances to the next course immediately.
  • Regular and substantive progress: students are encouraged to engage regularly and make significant progress each term to achieve their personal educational goals.”

See the complete article by Maria Andersen and David Leasure in Educause, published April 18, 2016. David will reflect and expand on these principles as well as personalization in future blog posts. Please subscribe!