Western Governors is a pioneer in more than competency-based education, it excels at putting analytics in the hands of faculty and leaders to improve student outcomes. The Institutional Research department at WGU is headed by Jason Levin and works closely with WGU Academics. Here’s an excerpt focusing on controlling costs with analytics:

Evo: How has WGU managed to keep tuition rates flat despite the student population consistently increasing?

DL: We’ve been able to keep the rates flat partly due to economies of scale. We’re not creating new courses and we have the same investment in our curriculum for a greater number of students. We are very focused on doing those things that serve students well and not doing things that are a distraction. We’ve carved out what isn’t important for student learning and ultimately graduation and career success.

It’s also the use of data and analytics to understand where we’re being effective and where we’re not being effective. We’ve been able to employ learning analytics and really focus in the faculty activities and the student activities that occur the most. We’re getting far more efficient at teaching and learning and are able to serve students better with a set of resources that is not growing as fast as the student population itself.

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