OIG’s Audit of WGU

Yesterday, 9/21/2017, the Office of the Inspector General issued its years-in-the-making recommendation on its audit of Western Governor’s University. WGU and other stakeholders have officially commented. I would ask that before you comment in public, please inform yourself on all sides of the issue, and remember, the recommendation is only a recommendation and requires affirmation from the Secretary of Education before any action is taken.

OIG Report

WGU Information Page on the Report

Lumina’s Jamie Merisotas Comments

We believe the Inspector General is doing its best to enforce a law written for a prior generation of students and learning. We also believe we need to agree on ways to innovate responsibly or many of the nation’s talent needs will go unmet.

Amy Laitinen’s, the Education Department’s, and others’ statements are in the Chronicle of Higher Education’s article.

C-BEN statement on the report

I won’t comment in detail, except to say that the law never anticipated the model used, the law is ambiguous, the OIG applied it too narrowly, that the law and the recommendation inhibit a truly effective means of earning a degree. The law needs to change!

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David Leasure

An innovator in online higher education, David Leasure has led online university programs, problem-based approaches to online learning, and competency-based education. He has served as provost at Western Governors University, Colorado Technical University and Jones International University. Leasure earned bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in computer science and was associate professor of computer science at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, where he turned his interests from artificial intelligence to teaching and learning with technology. Leasure led the creation of CTU Online, served as CTU’s doctoral chancellor, and president of Jones International University. His core belief is that all students can learn and his passion is helping them and their institutions succeed.