CBExchange 2017: Strategy Update

Amber Garrison Duncan presented the three pillars of the CBEN strategy and Deb Bushway elaborated them.

  • Build Demand – and quality – see the CBE Principles and Standards
  • Build Capacity – institutions able to receive demand and execute with quality
  • Remove Barriers – promote the policies and regulations, interoperability, technology and other changes needed

Garrison Duncan emphasized that the need for full participation in the economy is to produce by 2020 another 5.9 million credential holders. The traditional system is expected to credential 500K. Where are the rest coming from?

Three additional providers are needed in the “system”:

  • Workplace learning and credentialling environments
  • Military training and performance
  • Community-based learning, such as libraries, community organizations, churches

With the addition of these resources, 2 million adults-with-some-college-but-no-credential and the “big lift” of 3.4 million adults with no-college, can reach the mark of 60% of adults with a post-secondary credential.

CBEN and the CBExchange have assembled a community in a productive framework to set audacious goals with the commitment from the community.

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David Leasure

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