Learning as a Process Can Be Taught (and it’s repeatable, measurable, and improvable)

In June, I was privileged to assist my friends and colleagues, Dan Apple, Joyce Adams, and Ingrid Ulbrich to facilitate a Learning to Learn Recovery Camp at Hinds Community College in Jackson Mississippi. We used the Process Education learning to learn curriculum (see Pacific Crest’s website) and it was a transformative experience for me and for the students.

What’s a recovery course? These students were academically dismissed from Hinds CC and a condition of their re-entry was a B or better in the recovery course that teaches them the following:

  1. Performing Like a Star
  2. Becoming a Master Learner
  3. Your Past Doesn’t Define Your Future
  4. Self-Assessment: The Engine of Self-Growth
  5. Time, Planning, and Productivity
  6. Methodologies: Unlocking Process Knowledge
  7. Visioning Your Future
  8. Performing in Teams and within a Community
  9. Performing when Being Evaluated
  10. Reading for Learning
  11. Metacognition: Thinking about My Thinking
  12. Using Failure as a Stepping Stone for Success
  13. Choosing and Using Mentors Effectively
  14. My Turn to Shine
  15. Shifting from Extrinsic to Intrinsic Motivation

This course is now online and titled The Psychology of Learning and Success.

The time management piece, #5, is available as a free course at my student-focused website: head4knowledge.com . Check out the blog posts, too!

The Graduating Class of the June 2017 Hinds Community College Recovery Course


David Leasure

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