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25 Sep

CBExchange 2017: Overcoming Resistance

This is the fifth post in a series of posts on the CBExchange 2017 Conference held in Phoenix, AZ. All posts are available at tag CBExchange-2017.

How do we successfully propose and overcome...

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David will feature his and other's writings that give insight to academic leaders on innovations that can help with higher learning challenges.

Learning from Western Governors University: 5 Key Transferable Practices

David reflects on the key transferable practices that make Western Governors University such an effective institution. The top 5 practices are (1) Provide High Value Programs, (2) Enable Mastery...

Creating a Great Student Experience through Analytics and Partnerships

Western Governors is a pioneer in more than competency-based education, it excels at putting analytics in the hands of faculty and leaders to improve student outcomes. The Institutional Research...

Personalized Learning at Western Governors University

Western Governors University individualizes and personalizes students' progress through their programs. Each student is given the time they need and the flexibility and support to obtain mastery....

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